Industrial Artificial Intelligence


Best Industrial Artificial Intelligence
Solutions for Surveillance by ITCG

Enhance surveillance and security to predicting equipment maintenance needs, engaging customers personally, processing natural language, and deriving actionable insights from data analytics. ITCG brings in leaders in AI applications that redefine efficiency and decision-making.

ITCG is the best partner in India for Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Surveillance, collaborating with industry-leading vendors to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Key use-cases that we address along with the technologies


Video Analytics for Surveillance

  • Object Detection and Recognition
  • Behavioral Analysis for Anomaly Detection
  • Automated Alerts and Response Systems
  • Solutions

    Predictive Maintenance for Surveillance Systems

  • Health Monitoring of Surveillance Equipment
  • Data Analytics for Performance Trends
  • Prescriptive Maintenance Recommendations
  • Solutions

    AI-Powered Video Analytics for Retail Security

  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • Queue Management
  • Facial Recognition for Access Control
  • Solutions

    AI-Enhanced Traffic Monitoring

  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Counting
  • Anomaly Detection for Traffic Flow
  • Smart Traffic Light Control
  • Solutions

    AI in Public Safety Surveillance

  • Crowd Behavior Analysis
  • Incident Recognition and Response
  • Integrated Emergency Communication
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