Best Data Backup and Recovery


Best Data Backup and Recovery Solutions by ITCG

The integrity of your digital assets is non-negotiable. ITCG presents a suite of robust Backup and Recovery Solutions, where data is safeguarded against unforeseen events, ensuring business continuity and peace of mind.

ITCG is the best partner in India for Data Backup and Recovery solutions, collaborating with industry-leading vendors to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Key use-cases that we address along with the technologies


Physical/Virtual Server Backup

  • Image-Based Backup
  • Incremental Backup and Deduplication
  • Automated Backup Scheduling
  • Solutions

    Endpoint Backup

  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  • Centralized Management Console
  • End-User Self-Service Recovery
  • Solutions

    Cloud Application Backup

  • Automated Cloud Data Backup
  • Granular Application Recovery
  • Backup Compliance Monitoring
  • Solutions

    Database Backup and Recovery

  • Database Consistent Backups
  • Point-in-Time Recovery
  • Automated Database Backup Verification
  • Solutions

    Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Regular DR Testing
  • Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery
  • Solutions

    Ransomware Protection and Recovery

  • Ransomware Detection Algorithms
  • Immutable Backups
  • Automated Anomaly Detection
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